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(Purple XJ x Milk 'n'Cookies) 

10 Pack - Regular Seeds

  9 weeks typical flowering

Jack the Ripper Terps and Sativa effects combined with a heavier Cookie body high make this one a great medicine to relax with.


(Limelight x Sour Cruz OG) 

10 Pack - Regular Seeds

  8-9 weeks typical flowering

Pungent sour lime terps that blend with a very pine dominant OG flavor. The effects produce a very narcotic heavy physical high, while the headchange can be a bit euphoric.


(Cherry Pine x Sour Cruz OG) 

10 Pack - Regular Seeds

 8+ weeks typical flowering

Unique silver trichomes make this a beatiful flower to grow. Terps are piney with hints of sage from California Cherries lineage. Finished flowers have a true Kush Indica structure and a sedative relaxing effect that is great for pain relief.


(Limelight x Milk 'n' Cookies) 

10 Pack - Regular Seeds

  9+ weeks typical flowering

Potent sour lime terps that are excessively gassy. The pungent flavors are just a forewarning of whats inside. The effects hit hard and fast and are not recommended for the faint hearted.


(Pacific Pine x Cali Dream) 

10 Pack - Regular Seeds

 8+ weeks typical flowering

Large dense flower structure that has an even blend of lemon and pine flavors. The cured flower makes for a uplifting high for the mind and body. A Sativa dominate upper high that does not include the heart race and anxiety effects often attributed to sativas. 


(Lucy x Sour Cruz OG) 

10 Pack - Regular Seeds

 9+ weeks typical flowering

A indica dominate flower that yields heavy elongated  Kush spears. Excessive foliage requires some extra attention in veg. The finished flower releases a gassy deep pine flavor that leaves the mouth watering for more at exhale. The effects are heavy and sedative.


(Lemon OG x Cali Dream) 

10 Pack - Regular Seeds

 9+ weeks typical flowering

  An even blend of lemon, blueberry and pine flavors. A tall more sativa dominate hybrid that also shows some OG kush flower structure. Tends to stack calyx on calyx with large top-heavy flower structure.

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