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About Us

We are second generation Cannabis growers that have been cultivating cannabis for over 18 years. Throughout that time we  have been successfully evolving and adapting along with the industry .

Dusted Bud Genetics

We have always been advocates and pride ourselves in being active in the Cannabis community.

Our mantra is to stay true to the Cannabis plant. We feel that all cultivators, breeders and supporters of Cannabis  should recognize the medicinal properties of Cannabis. At Dusted Bud Genetics we believe that the current trend and growing acceptance of the Cannabis plant is part of a greater awakening, and important to the collective third eye of human consciousness opening. 

Head Breeder - Dusty Buds aka Dusty B.

Our Head Breeder at Dusted Bud Genetics is a second generation cultivator with over 18 years of experience. His family has been rooted in the heart of emerald triangle in Mendocino County since the 60's. As a cannabis cultivator Dusty B. has lived and grown in a vast area stretching all over Califonia from the Coasts to the Peaks of the Sierra Nevadas giving him hands on experience in multiple climates. During these travels Dusty B has become an expert cultivator of great cannabis strains as well as a strong advocate and educator about Cannabis.

We strive to create stable Cannabis genetics that can be closely replicatd in seed form.  We breed both regular and feminized seeds. All Dusted Bud Genetics seed packages will always be labeled as such. All Dusted Bud Genetics are thoroughly and vigorously tested in a variety of growing environments to ensure quality and uniformity of final released product. Our standards are high, although a very time intensive process, it is very common for us to completely abandon Cannabis strains that do not meet our strict criteria.

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